Camp U-ROC


                            Camp U-ROC 

Camp U-ROC (Using Recreation to Overcome Challenges) is an event hosted by the EKU Department of Recreation and Park Administration in conjunction with The Kentucky Cancer Program and the Madison County breast Cancer Support Group. Students, staff, and volunteers facilitate activities for kids with special needs, most specifically cancer, and their families. Activities in the past have included indoor rock climbing, orienteering, arts and crafts, and a bon-fire. The goal of the event is to allow kids with special needs and their families enjoy and participate in recreation events that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do so. Lifetime memories are made at Camp U-ROC not only for the participants, but for the workers as well. Here are a couple testimonials from past student workers:


I would love to have one-tenth of the strength and courage that these young kids show in their day-to-day battle against cancer. I realize that I am probably going to learn more from them because of the challenges they overcome with big hearts and big smiles on their faces. I get chills thinking that for a few days these kids can just be themselves and not worry about dying because, for that moment in time, they are LIVING!

-Ben Johnson


These kids and families have dreams and future plans just like everyone else; however, many of them won’t live long enough to have them come true. By being able to provide the best camp for these kids and give them just a bit more hope, just one more smile, just one more dream, I believe that we can make a difference and maybe make one of them come true.

-Victoria Lovelace