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Indoor Activities - To Help During Social Distancing Times!


1. Try out a New Recipe (With the help of a Parent):

2. Light candles, dress up, and have a fancy dinner (the dinner that the kids made!)

3. Crack Open a New Book: (Free Kids Nook Books (Ebooks)

4. Kids Yoga: &

5. Sing Karaoke

6. Put on an Eco-Friendly Fashion Show:

7. Make a Blanket Fort:

8. Pop Popcorn and Watch a Movie

9. Make Ooey-Gooey Slime:

10. Make your own Ice cream

11. Go Bowling:

12. Play Hide and Seek:

13. Have a Dance Party

14. Play Charades:

15. Finger Paint

16. Put together a puzzle

17. Create your own Jeopardy or Family Feud (put on a suit, have a host podium - can incorporate with homework too!)

18. Learn a card trick

19. Do a DIY science experiment - a few examples

20. Tie-dye some clothes

21. The floor is Lava!

22. Set up putt-putt with a cup, create challenging holes

23. Go through your closet

24. Try to follow a Bob Ross Painting as a family (episodes all on Netflix). Even if you do not have all the colors/brushes it could make for a lot of laughs.

25. Create a maze with tunnels constructed from your old cardboard boxes

26. Take time to do some virtual reality tours released by world renowned places:

27. Print off a nature scavenger hunt sheet for your young kids, or create your own:

28. If you have a smartphone, let the kids create a movie. Help them write a script and film scenes, use costumes

29. Play dress up

30. Indoor Treasure Hunt:

31. Creative Painting:

32. Story Telling:

33. Have a Pillow Fight

34. Play Four Corners:

35. Learn a New Dance:

36. Play “Simon Says” or “Follow the Leader”

37. Enjoy a “Story Podcast”:

38. Make Your Own Band:

39. Make a Marshmallow Catapult:

40. Tie Dye:

41. Play “I Spy” or “21 Questions”

42. Become an “Origami Master”:

43. Make Your Own Play-Doh:

44. Host a Fancy Tea Party

45. Have an Indoor “Camp Out”:

46. Work Books and Puzzles

47. Online Zoo & Aquarium Tours:

48. Rearrange Your Bedroom

49. Go through your closet

50. Write an Autobiography

51. Make a necklace out of beads or pasta:

52. Have a PJ Party

53. Watch the Clouds

54. Splash in rain puddles

55. Have a Talent Show

56. Hopscotch

57. Learn to Juggle:

58. Create a House of Cards

59. Play Red Light Green Light

60. Learn a Yo-Yo Trick:

61. Have an egg toss

62. Make Shadow Puppets

63. Make a box town out of old boxes

64. Have a Picnic in the backyard

65. Learn Clapping Games:

66. Family Game Night

67. Fly a Kite

68. Learn Sign Language:

69. Have a bubble gum blowing contest

70. Do a blind taste test with different drinks and foods

71. Make your very own Pet Rock:

72. Have a Staring Contest

73. Play Truth or Dare

74. Put up all the Christmas decorations

75. Paper mache

76. Light candles and do a kids meditation video

77. Balloon Head Race: teams must race to a finish line carrying a balloon between their heads, remember don’t use your hands. You can even try an obstacle course.

78. Balloon Handball: teams try to score in the opponents goal. The balloon can not be carried, but always tapped in the air. Consider not allowing players to stand.

79. Floating On Air: Which team can make a balloon float in the air the longest by only blowing air with their mouths to keep the balloon floating?

80. Cotton ball Blowing:A cotton ball is blown over a course and to a goal with the help of a balloon. When all the air in the balloon has been used, then it must be “reloaded” and play continues.

81. Relay With Table Tennis Paddles: Two players on each team must run at the same time. The balloon is hit back and forth during the entire run. Table tennis paddles, tennis rackets, swim fins or rolled up newspapers can be used to hit the balloon.

82. Use your Noggin’: A balloon is held between the foreheads of two players. Items are strewn on the ground over the playing field or racing track (Dr. J has a bunch of objects that could be used). Each team must collect the items as fast as possible, of course without letting the balloon fall on the ground.

83. Balloons in the Pants: Who can stuff the most balloons (midsize) in his pants? Winner is the team who can stuff the most balloons (you will have to get permission from Dr. J to use this activity!).

84. Balloon Bust Tag: Balloons are blown up, tied, and a string approximately 3 feet long is tied to it. The player then ties the balloon around one of their ankles, leaving 2 feet length dragging the floor. The object of the game is to stomp on others balloons while yours remains intact. Once the players balloon bursts, then that player is out of the game and must immediately leave the playing area. The last person alive meaning an intact balloon is the winner. Leader tips: (1) establish a well defined playing area with boundaries; (2) do not allow players to hold their leg up in the air (some will try hopping); (3) be prepared to reduce the playing space as players are eliminated; (4) make all players keep their hands behind their backs (otherwise pushing may result).

85. Cloud Writing

86. Make a miniature gnome or fairy garden

87. Make a stained glass ornament

88. Follow a Bob Ross painting session using a canvas.

89. Create birdhouses for outside.

90. Learn a foreign language or ASL.

91. Do a dance workout such as a Zumba class.

92. Press some flowers.

93. Make a brownie in a mug.

94. Make a mini succulent garden for inside.

95. Look through old family photos.

96. Make a scrapbook.

97. Start keeping a diary of daily thoughts and ideas.

98. Start a gratitude list.

99. The kids can decorate their doors.

100. Use oil-based Sharpie paint markers to personalize a dollar store coffee mug.

101. Make a sculpture out of clay and then paint or decorate it.

102. Create a picture with stamps and an ink pad.

103. String beads to make necklaces or bracelets for friends or loved ones. 

104. Build a tower or pyramid with plastic cups.

105. Play Guess the Smell games (Can use coffee, cinnamon, cat food, etc. In paper bags and have the kids guess).

106. Have the kids put together a recipe book.

107. Have a face painting day.

108. Learn how to line dance:

109. Write some poetry or a haiku.

110. Have a tea party or plan one for the future.

111. Make a garden or sun hat.

112. Make your own moon sand:

113. Make a sticker collage

114. Try your hand at photography

115. Put together a family tree:

116. Learn to code:

117. Music Exercise for kids:

118. Create Digital Art:

119. Create a photo album online and share with your family & friends

120. Use household items to make a toy car track. (Can use books for the road, stuffed animals for people, soup cans or boxes for houses).

121. Create a new instrument at home using recycled materials

122. Use playdoh to make a sculpture or 3D model of a plant or animal

123. How to cook Recipes - Thanks Liz Warwick for the suggestion!!  

124. Fun at-home activities to save money - Thank you Allie for the suggestion!

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